Hello Neighbours!

Have you ever thought about your relationship with your Home?

What does it means to you?

How does it make you feel?

Like most relationships, our Home also needs time, effort and lots of LOVE.

If you’re in a stagnant relationship with your Home, I have a few ideas that might help spice things up again.

Simple ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Home

Simple Steps to Fall Back in Love with Your Home

Knob Kindness – You don’t always need to gut a kitchen or bathroom to give it a new look. It’s the small things that matter. Changing knobs can make such a difference and give quite the facelift to a kitchen. You could even use one set on the top cupboards and another set on the bottom. You could go with something shinier, glass or brighter in colour.

Updating knobs and using different styles will give your kitchen a new look


Fancy Faucets – Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room … wherever there is a sink you could update the faucet. Try touchless, extendable, matted, shiny… it’s amazing all the options out there.

Love your Light Switch Plates – Such a simple and inexpensive way to show love. Remove those old cracked plastic plates and get something that shows thought went into it…a can of spray paint could easily do the trick too.

Fresh Tasty Herbs – Fresh plants and herbs will add life to any home. I’m not talking about the spice rack in your kitchen (although those are very handy), but actual fresh herbs, small pots on a floating shelf near a window or good light. Not only does it look amazing but it smells amazing too. Great conversation starter.

Fresh herbs add Life to a Home

When we talk about someone or something we love, our posture, tone and expression changes… how could they not when you’re in love. So if you talk about your home and there is no change in your posture, tone or expression… maybe it’s time to plan a date, get to know each other again and …

Fall Back In Love.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I would love to hear from you.

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