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Have you ever opened a utility bill, looked at the amount owing and did a double take? Then you look at the address on the top of the statement just to make sure it’s your address… yup, I’ve done that too… more than once if I’m being honest 🙂

I recently contacted Toronto Hydro Customer Service (416-542-8000) to ask how I could lower my monthly bill. They gave me some helpful hints.

1) Phantom Power – According to Toronto Hydro if electronics are plugged in all day they still draw electricity even if they are not in use. This is called Phantom Power. You need to reduce your Phantom Power by unplugging electrical devices when they are not in use or even better… if you can… plug your electronics into a power bar and turn off the power bar when you leave your home.

2) LED Bulbs – Toronto Hydro claims that switching to LED bulbs, will reduce your electricity usage significantly… worth investing in

3) Program your Thermostat – This is a great idea since most of us are not home during the day. Also when sleeping it’s a good idea to program your Thermostat accordingly, every bit helps.

4) Hot Water Laundry Loads – According to Energy Star, heating water accounts for about 90% of the energy needed to run a washer … wow! So the less hot water used the more energy saved. Check out this Water Heater Guide, with Natural Resource Canada for more information on your Hot Water Tanks

5) Dishwasher and Laundry – It’s best to run these appliances during off-peak hour, and watch your bill go down, yippee!

6) Take advantage of the weather – Air dry your clothes this summer… try it… I know it sounds like a lot of work but when you get that bill at the end of the season you’ll be happy you did 🙂

7) Windows and Doors – Toronto Hydro claims that air leakage accounts for 25 per cent of heating costs. That’s a lot of wasted energy and money. They suggest plastic window coverings and weather stripping doors will stop the air leaks

Bills are an inevitable part of owning a home of course… but I truly believe there are ways for us all to save money and reduce (if not eliminate) wasted energy.

Stay tuned for more helpful energy saving tips!

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