Hello Neighbours,

When considering selling your house, the first impression or what I like to call “curb appeal”, is what sets the stage for the buyers. I find it’s the simple things that often make the biggest impact.

Easy tips to make a good first impression of your home

1) Clean windows –  Of course… is probably what you’re thinking. When listing a home there are many things to remember and this is one simple step that is often forgotten. You want to let in as much sunlight in as possible without looking though dust and fingerprints. Also, remember when adding window treatments inside a home take a moment to step outside and see how it looks from across the street or from the front door, etc. You don’t want it to look unfinished.

2) Remove all green bins and recycling – Even if the bins are put in an inconvenient place like a hidden corner at the end of your yard… keyword “hidden”… it’s in the right place. Remember it won’t be there forever and even if its just for the open house it’s worth it!

3) Spruce up your front door – If you could add a seasonal wreath, paint the door a fun colour, update the handles or just give it a good old fashion scrub… it will make such a difference and not break the bank.

4) How’s that Storm Door working? – Storm doors are just as important as front doors. We want it to be as presentable and inviting. If latches are not working, chains unlinked, dirty, squeaking or hard to open I would say… First Impressions… say no more…

5) Clean any debris/leaves/garbage – sounds so obvious but the wind is not as obvious. So if just before the open house you give a good look through the front yard and make sure there are no Tim Horton cups trapped in the corner between your beautifully trimmed hedges and interlocking brick … then we’re all good.

Remember… it’s all about first impressions, welcoming and making Buyers feel at home.

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